Cyndia L. Rafferty RN,PC -
I practice holistic psychotherapy and provide homeopathic consultation.   I would like to help you find your balanced path in life.
Holistic Psychotherapy
All aspects of the individual, family, adolescent or child are important.  I encourage people to find their balanced path in life through education, excercise,  meditation, yoga, intentional breathing and massage.  Good nutrition and adequate exercise have a significant impact on a persons mood.  For  instance, a daily walk outside and eating fresh whole-foods contribute to one's general well-being. 
  Understanding the process of negative thinking and the impact on  mood and motivation is key to achieving  balance and fulfillment.  I teach people to recognize their negative patterns and move toward positive and empowered thinking.
  Positive and empowered  thinking makes people feel better about themselves.  This affects all relationships in a sort of 'pay if forward' way.  Holistic Psychotherapy works equally well for adults and kids.